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Our Services

Pyou supports companies where new talent, HR strategies and management are required. We always strive to develop significant and permanent connections with our clients to assist and support them: share your business goals and recruitment strategies with us, and be assured that we will do the rest.

Recruitment &



HR Consulting &

Specialized R&S

Making your business grow is directly linked to the capacity to identify, select and retain the right talented professionals your company needs.
When a company needs to identify new staff, Pyou will help with the dedicated permanent recruitment and selection processes. The work starts with an in-depth analysis of the business structure and the specific business industry where the company operates to ensure maximum compatibility between the profiles of candidates and what the client is looking for. Thus, you will always deal with someone who knows your market inside out.
We have teams of consultants and recruiters specialized in fashion industry business, health & pharmaceuticals, information technology, sales agents, mechanicals, engineering, packaging, food and beverage, automation, ceramics etc.
In an ever-changing market scene, our recruitment process combines specialisation and flexibility. Our unique strategy answers the requirements and expectations of both companies and highly skilled candidates.
If you need to cover a short-term sickness leaves to long-term projects, from maternity leaves to production peaks, temporary recruitment is your solution.

International Recruitment & PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Pyou will support you in the search for professionals outside your country of reference. We can offer global coverage of all recruiting processes, thanks to our multilingual and multicultural teams located in the several branches in the world, a vast network of contacts, and a refreshed continuously international database.
Furthermore, we will be on your side with our PEO services to make your development in new regions painless and straightforward, without the nuisance and costs of creating a foreign subsidiary. We can help you by:

  • Recruiting & hiring employees in areas where you don’t have your own company or legal entity.
  • Dealing with payrolls and other HR issues.
  • Keeping compliant with local legislation and other important aspects like health insurance, wellness, risk management, retirement plans, taxation, etc.

HR Consulting & Assessment

Thanks to our vast experience in coping with SMEs, we assist our clients to meet the demand of a growing HR marketplace with the following tools & solutions:

Performance Management
Diversity Management
Assessment such as Disc, Big 5 etc
Payment Benchmarking
Legal services and Analysis
Labour Market trends analysis
Talent Evaluation, Management & Development

If larger companies can use many professionals, each with a different specialisation, not all SMEs can sustain the expense in owning such a specific team. Thanks to Pyou’s HR Consulting & Assessment Solutions, you can have all the benefits flexibly and efficiently.


Wherever we operate, companies and candidates acknowledge the quality, transparency and effectiveness of the support Pyou provides along all the various services’ stages.
In our vision, it is not just a matter of different HR activities, but the purpose of giving solutions and advice for real people, just like us!