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About Us, About You

It’s people that can change the world.
We try to do it by matching the right candidate with the right opportunity.

We have a specific set of values in mind: result-orientation, integrity and commitment. Such values serve both as a motivator and benchmark in everything we do.

In a world of work that is constantly evolving, Pyou understands the nature of this transformation and the need for flexibility to keep up delivering the best solutions. All our HR services are moved by the enthusiasm and professionalism of our people. We are committed to identifying the best solutions through:





Our Story, Our Expertise

Pyou is the international identity of Lavoropiù, one of the best-known Italian companies operating in recruitment and HR consulting, with headquarters in Bologna and over 100 active branches in Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, Spain and the United Kingdom.
We can combine local knowledge and global expertise to deliver highly specialised assistance to candidates and employers.
The specific area in Italy where our group was born has always been the packaging and automation industry’s cradle. The leading companies in these fields have their headquarters here, that’s why we have a deep understanding of those industries.
As people who grow and learn through life, attentive to the needs and demands of the market, our company has developed expertise in several other crucial sectors, such as fashion, pharmaceutics, HoReCa, food & beverage, agriculture, health, information technology, automation etc.

Our Values

Sense of Community

We aim to provide value to the communities and places that host our branches. As a group, we support associations for medical research, children’s associations, and social cooperatives: an opportunity to participate in unique and meaningful projects and enhance initiatives to improve the collective wellbeing.
We are also a sponsor of important sports and cultural initiatives. These activities allow us to provide visibility to our brand through the positive values of sport and culture and be ever closer to our general audience.

Social Inclusion

A global mismatch between skills and requirements creates a paradox: more than 7 million jobs are not attributed, although almost 200 million people are currently unemployed.
Helping people to improve their employability is the primary goal of the various programs and initiatives we organize, including activities such as vocational training, scouting, orientation, internships, and skill assessment. All these actions, in partnership with institutions and public bodies, are entirely free for the participants.

Equality and Diversity

As a company that deals with People, Pyou values diversity and advocates equal opportunities for all, regardless of ethnic origin, physical ability, gender, or age. Employees and candidates are assessed impartially: only their skills, qualifications, and motivation count in the recruitment process.
For more info: Giving Back


Wherever we operate, companies and candidates acknowledge the quality, transparency and effectiveness of the support Pyou provides along all the various services’ stages. In our vision, it is not just a matter of different HR activities, but the purpose of giving solutions and advice for real people, just like us!